Bio Software Partner OnTracka 

Decentralising clinical trials & RWE data studies with an unmatched patient-centred experience

After six years of research & testing, OnTracka offers your customers a patent-pending proprietary data collection tool to benchmark a new standard in the quality and the delivery of Mental Health, Research & Cannabis Therapies.

Who’s OnTracka for?



Participate in scientific research from your phone or anonymously use the mobile application to self-monitor your progress with Cannabis, Psychedelics, Medications, dosing, mental health, lifestyle and more. 

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Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals

Purpose-built secure cloud software or optional API integrations to enable remote monitoring of patient progress, dosing, medications, and more.

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CRO’s & Researchers 

Cost-effective value proposition offering decentralised & hybrid clinical trials capturing Patient-reported outcomes (PRO), Observer-reported outcome (ObsRO) measures and Performance outcomes (PerfO) measures.

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Licensed Producers & Government 

Patient-centred mobile application designed to collect and submit credible data for drug development and regulatory decision-making.

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Join studies based on your interests, receive rich health insights and contribute to science.

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