Next Level Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceutical Research
Next Level Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceutical Research

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The AEON BIO-HEALTH line-up of products represents a best-in-class over the counter and & Pharmaceutical transdermal drug delivery system!

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We're transforming transdermal patch delivery systems.

These patches offer a bloodless, minimally invasive method for treating conditions like alcohol dependence, pain, and depression. Transdermal patches provide a convenient and controlled way to deliver medication through the skin, ensuring consistent and effective treatment.

Get GMP high-quality transdermal patches
Get GMP high-quality transdermal patches

Transdermal Drug Delivery System

Strategic global alliances, exclusive technology licensing and channel partnerships to deliver a consistent quality product that accelerates the legitimacy of FDA approved transdermal patches. 

Transdermal Patches
Natural BioHealth Transdermal Drug Delivery System
Natural BioHealth Transdermal Drug Delivery System

Nutraceuticals Bio Behavioral Health Products

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to health and wellness, and our transdermal drug delivery system that blend powerful plant-based, essential vitamins and minerals ingredients are created with your uniqueness in mind.

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Our Project

At-A-Glance Production Capabilities ISO-10933, GMP, SQF and Organic, Kosher Compliant: Explore the range of services we offer to elevate your business.

Transdermal Patches

Our experts lead the industry producing patches for:

White Labeling

White Label Digital lends industry-leading expertise to agencies across North America

Marketing and Distribution

Everything you need to manage and grow your business from a singular marketing platform.

Logo Design

Deciding on a few meaningful attributes is essential to characterize your brand, your overall messaging and tone of voice.

cGMP Manufacturing.

Highest Quality Products Offering A Scalable Path To Pharmaceutical API cGMP Manufacturing.

Custom Services

Aeon Therapy is committed to providing flexible and comprehensive donor solutions to mitigate risk and expedite timelines

Explore Testimonial

What patients are saying about us.

“I’ve been enduring chronic neurogenic pain for many years. I tried some of your ‘Pain X Extreme patches’ and they really worked. They were more effective than morphine, methadone, or anything else I’ve tried.”

Desmond Mason
Midair Clark

“It’s incredible how well Emotional Balance works for my fibromyalgia, better than any medicine I’ve tried. It’s also helping with my chronic anxiety, and the feeling of my demise has faded away.”

Henry A. Smith
Fashion Designer

“A few month’s ago I ordered your transdermal patches on a whim and to be honest, I didn’t really believe it could help me with my chronic pain. But since I started using the capsules, I’m a new person. At first I cut back on my opioids, but now I am opioid free for the first time in 10 years. Thank you so much!”


“I was having hip spasms for over a week. I bought your cream, applied it and 30 minutes later my spasms were gone”

Cody Barra
Refresh Bio Science

“I recently tried Pain X Extreme after straining my neck moving furniture. I only had to put one patch on my skin, and best of all, IT WORKS! My neck had been killing me for days, I felt instant relief.”

Brentha Denial
Grateful mother

Our Partners

We believe long-term, impactful partnerships are central to achieving our mission.

Why Choose Aeon BioHealth

Aeon’s focus on proprietary technologies likely includes innovations such as nano formulations, wearable technologies, and smart patches. These advancements can further enhance drug delivery efficiency and patient outcomes by improving drug permeation and bioavailability

Clean rooms

Innovation ensure the highest quality assemblies with high yield rates and minimal raw material waste to manage overall costs.


We cost-effectively source the best-fit materials for patient comfort and safety, healthcare provider efficiency, high reliability, and total cost management.

manufacturing expertise

Leverage our broad manufacturing expertise to produce complete wearable devices and transdermal patches that reduce supply chain complexity.

FDA compliant

Our global FDA compliant and ISO 13485 certified clean room facilities gives you regional flexibility for sourcing and manufacturing.