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Let’s explore the fascinating world of Aeon BioHealth and the remarkable intersection of transdermal drug deliverynutraceuticals, and precision medicine:

  1. Aeon BioHealth: Bridging Science and Wellness:
    • Who They Are: Aeon BioHealth Inc. is a science-based biotechnology company that combines nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and informatics.
    • Mission: Their mission revolves around advancing precision medicine for preventing and treating autoimmune conditions and chronic depression.
    • Innovation: As a preclinical-stage biotech company, Aeon BioHealth is developing novel first-in-class therapeutics for paininflammation, and depression.
    • Transdermal Approach: Their innovative products utilize a transdermal-based approach, targeting a novel mode of action to improve patient outcomes.
  2. Transdermal Drug Delivery System:
    • Cutting-Edge Technology: Aeon BioHealth stands out for its cutting-edge transdermal drug delivery system, which is at the forefront of the industry.
    • Bio-Behavioral Health Products: Their focus on bio-behavioral health products sets them apart.
    • Nutraceuticals Integration: By combining pharmaceutical and nutraceutical approaches, Aeon BioHealth aims to enhance patient care and contribute to advancements in medical treatments.
  3. The Unique Opportunity:
    • Recognition: Aeon BioHealth recognizes substantial contributions and innovative work.
    • Professional Journey Redefined: They extend to you a unique opportunity to redefine your professional journey.
    • Collaboration and Expertise: Aeon BioHealth brings together global leaders dedicated to serving their mission and purpose.

In summary, Aeon BioHealth’s commitment to precision medicine, transdermal drug delivery, and holistic wellness opens exciting possibilities. Your contributions with mushrooms have caught their attention, and this opportunity invites you to shape the future of healthcare. 🌱🔬

bio behavioral health products

Aeon BioHealth Inc., a science-based biotechnology company, combines nutraceuticalspharmaceuticals, and informatics to advance precision medicine for preventing and treating Autoimmune and Chronic Depression. As a preclinical-stage biotech company, AB is developing novel first-in-class therapeutics for paininflammation, and depression. These innovative products aim to address the limitations of current medications, offering greater efficacy and safety. AB’s transdermal-based approach targets a novel mode of action, promising hope for improved patient outcomes.

Summary: Aeon BioHealth integrates science, technology, and novel therapies to enhance precision medicine for autoimmune conditions and chronic depression.

Advancing Healthcare Forever!

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Non-prescription drug wholesalers;

US SIC Code – 2834 Pharmaceutical Preparations.

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Why Choose Aeon BioHealth

It’s impressive that you’re working on developing a transdermal drug delivery system for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Transdermal delivery offers several advantages, and your focus on proprietary technologies is intriguing. Here are some key points related to your work:

Clean rooms

Innovation ensure the highest quality assemblies with high yield rates and minimal raw material waste to manage overall costs.


We cost-effectively source the best-fit materials for patient comfort and safety, healthcare provider efficiency, high reliability, and total cost management.

manufacturing expertise

Leverage our broad manufacturing expertise to produce complete wearable devices and transdermal patches that reduce supply chain complexity.

FDA compliant

Our global FDA compliant and ISO 13485 certified clean room facilities gives you regional flexibility for sourcing and manufacturing.

Our Executives

Our executives, driven by a shared vision, unite global leaders across diverse fields. Their unwavering commitment to the AEON BIO-HEALTH mission fuels progress. We champion collaboration and recognize the invaluable expertise each leader brings. Together, we forge a path toward transformative impact. 🌎🌟

essential minerals for the body

Jermaine T. Johnson


Viviana Lamm


Sleep patchs

Andrew Murdock


Heather Peterson

Product Devolpment

Billy Thompson

Branding Specialist

essential vitamins and minerals

Kevin Edmundson

Founder and CEO

Why Choose Aeon BioHealth?

Our transdermal drug delivery system leads the industry producing bio behavioral health products