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Aeon BioHealth is a duly organized Navada company settled in Lakeland Florida, engaged in the development and formulation of epidermal transdermal patches using Pharmaceutical and Naturaceuticals. Our products us its proprietary drug delivery technologies and know-how in order to offer both innovative formulations of well-established drugs and generic versions of marketed products.

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Non-prescription drug wholesalers;

US SIC Code – 2834 Pharmaceutical Preparations.

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Entity ID: E26292042022-5

Entity Name: Aeon BioHealth INC.

Entity Status: Active Expiration Date: None

EIN: 92-0344416

D-U-N-S® Number is: 118809126.

Wells Fargo;

Routing Number (RTN): 063107513

Account Number: 2486093673

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bio behavioral health products

Aeon BioHealth Inc. is a science-based biotechnology company that integrates nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and informatics to advance precision medicine intervention to prevent and treat Autoimmune and Chronic Depression.

AB is a preclinical-stage biotech company developing novel first-in-class therapeutics for pain, inflammation, and depression. Current medications have limited efficacy and significant side effects.

There is an unmet clinical need for more effective and safer therapeutics. AB’s products are transdermal based, safer, and more effective than current therapies, plus they target a novel modem of apparatus.

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Why Choose Aeon BioHealth

We engaged in developing transdermal drug delivery system for pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals products using proprietary technologies.

Clean rooms

Innovation ensure the highest quality assemblies with high yield rates and minimal raw material waste to manage overall costs.


We cost-effectively source the best-fit materials for patient comfort and safety, healthcare provider efficiency, high reliability, and total cost management.

manufacturing expertise

Leverage our broad manufacturing expertise to produce complete wearable devices and transdermal patches that reduce supply chain complexity.

FDA compliant

Our global FDA compliant and ISO 13485 certified clean room facilities gives you regional flexibility for sourcing and manufacturing.

Our Executives

Brings together global leaders in their fields who are dedicated to serving the AEON BIO-HEALTH mission and purpose.

essential minerals for the body

Jermaine T. Johnson


Viviana Lamm


Kyle Dijon Hill, MD MSCR

Chief Medical Officer

Sleep patchs

Andrew Murdock


Heather Peterson

Product Devolpment

Billy Thompson

Branding Specialist

transdermal cbd patches

DR. David A Dawson

Chief Science Officer

essential vitamins and minerals

Kevin Edmundson

Founder and CEO

Why Choose Aeon BioHealth?

Our transdermal drug delivery system leads the industry producing bio behavioral health products