David A. Dawson is a biomolecular psychologist, author, and endocannabinoid and botanic cannabinoid expert, who graduated from Macalester College and the University of Iowa and is currently completing a doctorate at National University.

Formerly the Director of Endocannabinoid Research & Development for the Integrative Pain and Rejuvenation Centers of America.

David was a Featured Speaker at the 2nd Annual Conference on Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design and has been recognized by the Worldwide Who’s Who Organization for his integrity, longevity, outstanding achievements in his field, and his innumerable contributions to society as a whole.

 David is the author of the textbook Medical Cannabis: The Definitive Guide, the dramatic comedy novel Pummeled to Death by Hamburger, and regularly publishes articles on the topic of biomolecular psychology in a wide variety of scientific journals. 

Website 420publications.net